Seenae Chong

Seenae Chong
Adjunct Professor,
University of San Francisco Leadership Studies Program

Chong's scholarship explores the policy, organizational, and interpersonal conditions that nourish or impede just, caring relationships between communities, families, and schools. Her research interests and commitments are informed by the relationships she had with young people and their families as a special education teacher and an after-school provider. Previously, she served as the Postdoctoral Scholar on USF's California School Discipline Project, a statewide qualitative study that examined school discipline, climate, and culture across California, as well as an adjunct professor in the USF Leadership Studies Deparment. She received her PhD from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Education, her teaching credential in Mild to Moderate Disabilities from San Francisco State University, and her master's degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Publications by Seenae Chong
Challenges and Possibilities
In recent years, California has invested in improving early childhood education programs. Research shows the importance of high-quality early childhood education, but the disconnect from K–12 education threatens its long-term benefits. If the early…