Michelle Hall

Michelle Hall
Michelle Hall
Director of Program Assessment and Improvement ,
Chapman University

Michelle Hall is director of program assessment and improvement at Chapman University's Attallah College of Educational Studies, where she oversees management of Attallah College's program improvement system. Her research grows out of her past work in workforce investment policy and as a public school and university educator, and examines the ways in which power and politics affect and are affected by education reform policies. Her most recent research focuses on the role of local democratic engagement in statewide finance and accountability reforms in California. Dr. Hall has been a researcher with Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) since 2012, and in that capacity served as a member of a statewide research team documenting the impact and early implementation the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) in California. In 2018, she received a California Education Policy Fellowship Program fellowship, sponsored by the Institute for Educational Leadership. She received a Ph.D. in the politics of education from the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education.


Publications by Michelle Hall
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