Austin Lyke

Austin Lyke
Austin Lyke
Doctoral Student,
University of California, Los Angeles
Austin Lyke is a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, and a research assistant with Policy Analysis for California Education. His research covers the higher education spectrum from community colleges to law schools and focuses on institutional responses to organizational change and policy. His articles have been published in education and general news outlets, including Inside Higher Ed and the San Francisco Chronicle, and he has published research in academic journals, including AERA Open and Management & Organizational History
Publications by Austin Lyke
A Promise to What, for Whom, and Where?
This brief describes the types of college promises that exist in the state of California. In doing so, we summarize existing research on this topic. Furthermore, we provide a framework to study the California Promise Program in community colleges in…
Perspectives from the 2019 PACE/USC Rossier Poll
California voters ranked college affordability as the second most important education policy issue in the 2019 PACE/USC Rossier poll, a concern reflected in Governor Gavin Newsom’s first budget proposal and in a number of bills currently progressing…