Our most recent seminars have been recorded and are available for streaming or download. Older seminars are also listed, although audio is not available prior to November 2008. Upcoming seminars can be found on the Seminars page.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar International Teachers in California Schools by Lora Bartlett, Assistant Professor of Education at the University of California – Santa Cruz is now available for download.

Our recent seminar The Future of Early Education Systems in California (PreK-3rd) featuring Brad Strong, Director of Education, Children Now, Lisa Guernsey, Director, Early Education Initiative, New America Foundation and Loretta Burns, Director, Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness, took place last week but no audio is available.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “Resources, Incentives and Accountability: Overhauling California’s System of School Finance” featuring Eric Hanushek of The Hoover Institution at Stanford University is now available.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “What Now? Improving Schools Within Budget Constraints” featuring W. Norton Grubb of the University of California, Berkeley.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “Designing Categorical Grants to Support Student Learning” featuring Lawrence O. Picus with comments by John Mockler is now available.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “Effects of the California High School Exit Exam on Student Achievement and Graduation” featuring Sean F. Reardon and Michal Kurlaender is now available.

Nancy Shulock directs the Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy at Sacramento State, which produces policy research intended to enhance public policy for California higher education. California’s community colleges serve nearly three-quarters of public postsecondary enrollments in the state and are therefore critical to any effort to meet today’s needs for a highly educated workforce and citizenry. State public policies create the conditions under which the colleges operate to serve students’ needs and contribute to the economy. In this presentation, Ms.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “Making Policy Matter: Why Have Accountability and Assessment Policies Failed to Close the Equity Gaps in Higher Education?” featuring Estela Mara Bensimon and Alicia C. Dowd from the University of Southern California, is now available. Although policy makers have been talking about and drafting policies to address inequities in student higher education experiences and outcomes for decades, problems of racial-ethnic inequities have proven to be intractable under current accountability and assessment policies.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “Student-Based Funding in Oakland and San Francisco: Implementation and Policy Implications” is now available. The Feb 13th seminar featured Jay Chambers, Larisa Shambaugh and Jesse Levin from the American Institutes For Research presenting findings from their recent study of the implementation of a weighted student funding system in two California school districts.

An audio broadcast of our recent seminar “From Values to Public Judgment on K-12 Education Reform in California” is now available. The January 30th seminar featured Isabella Furth and Heidi Gantwerk from Viewpoint Learning, Inc. discussing a recent project in which they engaged groups of citizens in informed dialogue about the future of California’s K-12 education system and the policy choices that our state faces. The speakers were introduced by PACE's Executive Director David N. Plank.


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